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Top 5 Shows that Lost Their Allure part 2 of 5

Here we are again folks! Thanks for reading this first installment of the list and for coming back for more. The responses were so much fun, keep them coming! Thank you also to the whineyfangirls  for hosting my top 5 list! Check out the community, it is fun and full of frustrated fans haha.
In case you are just tuning in, this is the top five list of shows that "lost their allure" or in other words, pissed me off. This is not the shows I hate. In fact, I love every one of these shows. They are the shows that won my heart and ultimately trampled on it.
Now...the list!

4: Kyle XY

I hate adding this show to the list. I really, really do. Kyle XY didn't get enough credit when it came on. It was original, it was funny and it was sweet. TV doesn't have much room for shows that can honestly be called "sweet" these days and it was refreshing.
It centered around a family that gave the Huxtables a run for their money. The Traggers' house was the place to be and a whole cast of characters were constantly showing up there. In fact, it got a bit crowded in season 3...but I'm getting ahead of myself. They end up with a boy who has amnesia and needs a home. Oh, and he has no belly button and a boat load of mystery hanging over him.
Kyle XY was smart and just fun. The plot line was straight up Scifi but it was set in a happy suburban home that was too fun. It didn't always balance the usual high school drama and the scifi mad scientist plotline perfectly, but it was generally well thought out. Most importantly, the actors and the writers worked hard and it showed.
Matt Dallas who played the title character really brought emotional depth to the role. Kyle is just a great character. He is caring and to quote everyone's favorite blonde movie--no not Legally Blonde, I mean the other one--he was "totally clueless!" It made for a fun lead and a surprising amount of philosophy.
The Traggers themselves were far too fun. The parents were loving, but also had their own intrinsic personalities that made them full fledged characters in their own right. You really get the feeling that there was life before parenthood, which happens so little in TV. The kids were fun too, even if Lori started out a bit annoying.
The show focused on the family but it wouldn't be complete without the rest of the cast.
Declan began as a two dimensional love interest for Lori and ended up as Kyle's best friend and Secret Keeper. He is loyal and ultimately the best ally Kyle has in the show.
There is also Andy. She was a spunky, fun loving gal who survived cancer only to fall in with this crew. haha. More seriously she was very compelling.
And Hillary. Who could forget her? She was almost never a central plot character but she was always there to be hilarious. Some of her lines make the best of the ser
Then there was Foss. Nicholas Lea is a brilliant actor who needs to get snagged up for a lead role somewhere. He started out as Kyle's creepy stalker, was discovered to be his protector and ended up his mentor. Foss would give Chuck Norris a run for his money...or wait is saying that blasphemy? (also, he happened to guest star on Without a Trace. Look a segue I didn't use!)
There were other characters who came in and out including Finn from Glee, but in generally it was these characters who made the show.
Season 1 started off a bit slowly, but it was instantly fascinating. Then the final episodes of the season really brought the mystery to a head. The season final had me sobbing in a good way and clammering for the next season.
Then season 2 rolled around and blew my mind. This show quickly reached levels of one of my favorite shows just for the kick butt joyride that was this season. The peak moment was "Ghost in the Machine." 
When I say this episode is as good as it gets, I'm not exaggerating to any degree.

At this point you may be asking yourself how this show made my list. After all this is the Top 5 Shows that made me red in the face, not the top 5 shows that I absolutely fall into fits of raptures talking about. Yes...had Kyle XY stopped with season 2 it would still be firmly in my most beloved show category only.
There were some problems that really were annoying. In season 2 they entered a character named Jessie who was nearly as annoying as Sam Spade. They also had a character named Emily who was complex and interesting..so she got absolutely no screen time and got quickly swept under the rug. No idea why on that one.
The main love interest for Kyle was another flaw. Amanda was a sweet character and a good friend but ultimately forgettable. She served more as a plot device for Kyle than a character in her own right no matter how hard the writers tried to force it. To be fair I liked a lot of the seasons with her character, but she was two dimensional at best and annoying jealous girlfriend stereotype at worst.
Still, the most annoying part of the show was actually how under used Foss was. The character had so much potential and it was never fully realized. I'm not sure if Nicholas Lea was too expensive or the writers didn't understand what a gem they had in him, but either way he never got what he deserved in that regard. Not to mention that his interactions with Kyle's family was always so entertaining in just how creepy they found him.
However, these problems are not why the show is on the list. If this was the only problem it would still be safe.
Unfortunately something terrible happened.
We all remember it. It snuck up and attacked when we didn't expect it. It hit, and it hit hard. It was the
-thunder strikes-
Writers strike of 2007-2008 and it was horrifying. Kyle XY was a victim.
Season 2's cliff hanger really was the downside of season. Kyle's extremely uninteresting time filler, I mean his girlfriend Amanda, goes missing. I know I was supposed to be worried but honestly it just didn't happen. Unfortunately, the writers strike pushed the start of season 3 back and the show didn't come on again for nearly a year. At which point the uninteresting cliff hanger was so far passed adding any tension that it was hard to care whether he found Amanda or not.
Still, the show could redeem itself from there right? Could have. Didn't. What happened next you ask?
That's right kids! It jumped the shark. Out of nowhere Kyle XY took a page out of the Heroes play book and made Kyle's psychic abilities into full blown super powers. Powers that developed suddenly even though his psychic abilities took months of training before he could even channel them. Kyle and Jessie started flying around and using gosh awful special effects against villians that the old 1960s Adam West Batman would have been ashamed to fight. I mean...who is this guy and why does he look like Prince Caspian's unwashed mannerless older brother?
After this point all of the previously established relationships and friendships are thrown into the balance for no clearly defined reasons and the show becomes wrought with ridiculous amounts of angst. It was trite, it was annoying, and it wasn't Kyle XY.
And for some unexplained reason everyone moves into the Traggers house. There is no real reason except that I imagine they spent too much money on special effects and didn't have enough left over for extra sets. This got just plain silly to the point of spawning ridiculous amounts of crack fanfiction. It practically seemed like bad fanfiction itself!
I don't know whether the show was screwed by the network or just ran its course, but it makes its place on this list by simply fizzling out to madness.
I gave up on it a few weeks before ABC Family did  and it ended up in the bucket of cancelled shows that could have done better.
Still, despite season 3 the show is still worth watching. Honestly, everyone should see it. Go watch season 1 and 2 and pretend it ended with the strike. It's a lot of fun and worth the ride. The mystery is answered in season 2 anyway, they have to create new questions for season 3. The main baddie is taken out, the plot is fairly well wrapped up and then there is a tiny meaningless cliff hanger to keep you coming back in the end. If you are like me you won't care too much what happens to Amanda. So go enjoy and pretend season 3 is an evil spin off that shouldn't have happened.
Come back next time for the next installment!
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