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Top 5 Shows that Lost Their Allure part 5 of 5

Thank you all my faithful readers. Here we are at the final part of this series. On a quick note, I will be continuing my top 5 lists though in the future they will be shorter explanations of each rank and should all be in one blog post. This was special as my first and also because the situation demanded some expounding. Please leave suggestions for a top 5 list if you would like to see one. I'm focusing on TV, Movies and Literature.

-drum roll-

It's the show that had Hillary from Kyle XY exclaiming "Oh My Peter Petrelli!" It's...
1. Heroes

Unlike last post I am not apologizing for putting this on the list. In fact, I'm not even sure where to start.
To begin with, this show had problems from the start. There were too many characters, there are too many plotholes, the writing is inconsistent, there are too many characters, they write themselves in corners and there are too many characters. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
To begin with Heroes was an interesting premise. It was an attempt to show what real life would be like if one was to suddenly develop the ability to stop time, fly, ect. They started out with a nice hefty cast which was perhaps their first mistake, because when they wanted to add new characters they already had so many. However, when it started they did a good job balancing and it was pretty easy to keep up with everyone. There seem to be characters for everyone to enjoy and each had their merits. Off the bat though, one family caught my attention and maintained it the whole show. The Petrellis.
It began with Peter and Nathan. Peter has the feeling he is meant for more than life as a hospice nurse. He is the first to realize his power--in fact, realizing it before it's developed enough to use. Nathan is a politician trying to keep his good name a good name, harder task than you might imagine with his family.
Their relationship is incredibly volitile but the minute Peter needs him Nathan is there in a big way. The complexity of it made the show for me.
Then there is Mama Petrelli, or Angela. She is one confusing bundle of mystery. Sometimes cold as ice, sometimes loving mother, this woman walks the line between charming and psychopathic but it's hard not to love her for some reason.
Nathan has a family that I loved, his supportive wife Heidi and his two sons.
Later it is discovered that Nathan has a secret daughter, a girl named Claire who is inseperable from the main plot. "Save the Cheerleader, save the world" the show, and many a fan, whispered.
A mysterious man traveled from episode to episode bringing the plot with him and his strange horn rimmed glasses. We came to know him as Mr. Bennet, Claire's adoptive father but his name was a well kept secret until he told Peter just before the young Petrelli's near death. Noah. It's impossible to put into words the reaction fans had to finding out his first name. For some reason we all got so excited. Applause may have been involved. You kind of had to be there.
Noah and Angela are very similar in their ethically grey out look. In fact, many of the characters fall there. Things are always a little more than they seem and trust is a very fluid notion.
Peter being one of the only notable exceptions, which I think really worked for his character.
There was Arthur, a character Nathan admired, Peter felt conflicted about and Angela killed. Bet dinner with your family at thanksgiving is looking a lot less dysfunctional isn't it?
The final Petrelli is Gabriel, (the serial killer formerly known as, then known again as, then formly, then again...oh forget it, Sylar.) For all the fans out there going "Hey you can't count..." yes I can, shut up.
There are many, many many, ridiculous amounts of other characters. The characters on this show sometimes felt like a horde of zombies--for everyone you took down, a hundred new ones popped up. And this show did love the killing.
Even though I loved many of the characters, for the sake of simplicity and my own personal sanity we are going to stick with the Petrellis for this review (they made the show for me anyway.)
In season 1 the relationships were great. Peter, Nathan and Angela had a lovingly antagonistic thing going on. Sometimes they were helping each other, sometimes their actions directly hurt each other but when the gloves came off if you messed with one Petrelli, you felt the force of the whole.
Sylar was a haunting serial killer trying to kill the cheerleader, and Peter was out to save her. The episode "Homecoming" when these three finally meet for the first time is so momentous I still get a chill thinking of it.
Once more I should mention that the shows on this list keeping intermingling but Claire's love interest of the season? Zach! Played by Thomas Dekker. Kind of makes me wonder what it would be like if Claire had dated John Connor...now there is a crossover made of emo!
In the end of season 1 the show rumbles up to a majorly evil cliffhanger where Peter loses control of his powers and nearly proves spontaneous human combustion is possible--nearly taking out all of New York with him--when Nathan finally comes through, flying him up into the atmosphere where he can explode in peace.
I'm not going to lie, I cried my eyes out in this scene.
The hiatus was so painful but soon enough season 2 rolled around and...I was instantly lost. But this time it was in a good way. Nathan survived, though he's not sure how. Peter is missing and it is killing Nathan. Angela tries to hide behind her steely shield, and Claire is openly weeping. (Hey Chris, she looks like you when you watched the final. Yes...yes I know.)
Peter spends a short sojourn in Ireland with no memory and makes friends with a guy that quickly dies and falls in love with a girl he inexplicably leaves in the future on a time traveling escapade and never mentions again. It's kind of like that whole Ireland thing never happened. Yeah. Forgive me while I go in the corner and rant about that gaping plothole.
Heidi loses all ability to be sympathetic when she leaves Nathan because he's grieving over his brothers presumed death. I mean...really? 
Claire spends some time trying to start a new life, which has the exact same drama as her old life while Sylar makes friends with the world's most annoying Wonder twins. Both of these plotlines were horribly annoying, but the season was over all good.
Then. Came. Three.
To begin with, all of the plots--including the massive amount of stuff not covered here--was starting to get ridiculously convoluted but out of the darkness came one of the best twists.
Gabriel/Sylar is revealed to be Angela's son! The change in him is instantaneous. Well, sort of. With someone to care about more than himself, Sylar endeavored to leave his serial killing ways behind him. He began working side by side with Noah Bennet and started developing a strong brotherly relationship with Peter. To say I was more than shocked would be an understatement but I loved it. Gabriel became a great addition to the Petrelli family and I was so curious to see where his plot went.
Unfortunately, it went the same way as the rest of the show. Straight down the tubes.
Arthur Petrelli came back from the grave because (retcon) he is alive and (retcon) he has powers! Forget the fact that it is explicitly stated that he was normal before. Ignore that. Oh...and he's evil! Arthur goes crazy trying to kill people and Nathan starts going down the dark path too. This is where the show started to lose me.
I will grant, I loved Sylar saving Peter from his father. It was brilliant and well played but it was about the last thing I enjoyed in this show.
I'm not even going to begin to untangle the mess that this season became. Nathan attacks Peter inexplicably, Sylar/Gabriel turns out to not be a Petrelli brother (just kidding folks!) and the plot spirals out of control.
By season 4 everything was a mess. I guess the writers decided they liked Sylar better as a villain and Nathan better dead because they did him in for real this time. And somehow Sylar took over his body and...you know, it makes no sense.
Claire became intolerably annoying and Mr. Bennet's shades of grey lifestyle ended up more in the lines of absurd wavering.
This season was all over the place and ultimately I turned it off for good.
Even the fight between Sylar and Peter that was built up to for 4 seasons was a cop out, they didn't SHOW it. We only know it happened because we see the wreckage after.
The whole Petrelli family fell apart and took the show with them.
What happened here? There was so much potential! The dynamic was great! I feel like this is a case of a show creator that wouldn't know a good thing if it bite him on the nose.

They started off as an enjoyably dysfunctional family with lines such as "I never kid about brunch", they ended up a broken heap of nothing. It was absolutely traumatizingly bad writing. By the end of the show there is nothing left of the family.
The show went from Peter going to the future and finds Gabriel Petrelli making waffles with his son that he named after Noah Bennet, to Sylar killing Nathan and a family in ruins.
This show took their most interesting set of characters and bashed them against the rocks, pissing me off and making their places as number 1 on the list of Shows that Lost Their Allure.

Thank you my loyal readers for tuning in!
More top 5 lists will be coming soon. This was a special addition, but most of the following lists will be shorter--taking place in one blog post. Please come back, and if you have a suggestion for a top five you would like to see, leave it in the comments.
Much love!
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