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Top 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

We all have them. Those movies that we openly acknowledge are not exactly winning any Oscars anytime soon. They might even be great movies by the standpoint of writing, but we admit to liking them with a sheepish smile. They are the ones we openly point out the flaws in, but every time they are on TV we can't help but stop. Or in my case..own the DVD and watch them on rainy days. These are my top 5 guilty pleasure movies!

 5. Reign of Fire
Has anyone else ever noticed how good Christian Bale is at brooding? Most of the time it seems like he's not even trying. He just comes onto the screen, gives a dark look and downcast lips and instantly I get the "this man is in serious need of a hug" vibe.
Sadly, Matthew McConaughey doesn't hug him, but they do wrestle shirtless. It's...not as attractive as it sounds.
This is a post apocalyptic movie about dragons with A-list actors (and don't forget it included Gerard Butler before anyone knew that name). Should be great right? The main problem here I think is that it straddles the line between gritty and emotional fantasy drama and action movie. Honestly, it was better at the drama. Some of the moments with Quin and his people were downright heartwrenching. And lets face it, the dragons were pretty darn cool. If the movie hadn't tried so hard to please everyone I think it would have done a better job.
Alright alright, we'll stop ignoring the Elephant in the room and get to it. Mathew McConaughey. Those of you who have seen the movie are probably groaning. Those of you who haven't are probably squinting at the scene going "That's Matthew McConaughey!?" To misquote Bogey, In all the strange casting choices in all the movies in the world, he walked into this one. I think he was trying to show his acting ability by breaking the type casting. What he succeeded at was breaking my mind and proving he will rip his shirt off in any movie.
The movie is strange, but it's fun. There are genuinely deep moments. I love Bale's Quin. He really is a great leader, and not the norm for this type of movie. He's soft and caring before tough and hard, and it played out well. Butler's character was hilarious on purpose and McConaughey's character was hilarious by accident, but they both made for some amazing laughs. This movie is totally guilty, and totally a pleasure. Bonus, ever want to see Christian Bale in Star Wars? Watch this movie and you get your wish.
Guilty Confession #1: I don't know how many times I saw this movie before I realized it was McConaughey

4.  Eragon
What? Two dragon movies in a row? Yes, sadly. Ok, I know this movie is bad. It's really bad. Admitting one likes this movie to a fan of the book series is about like admitting to being in the Nazi party. But I can't help it. I love this movie. You may be thinking, how? How can you love this movies. Fans of the books don't even love this movie. That is certainly true, and maybe that's why.
I hate the books.
If I ever do a top 5 most hated books, the sequel, Eldest, will be on it.
So I will save that rant for a later time, but with that in mind. The only thing that keeps me from completely loathing the first book was the same reason I love the move. Brom and Murtagh.
Jeremy Irons did an amazing job as Brom. He was wise and amusing. His character was strong and deep. His performance was subtle and effective. Sadly, I can't say the same for Ed Speleers who played the title character. -shudders-
Still, Garrett Hudland's Murtagh managed to steal the show. This is especially impressive when I realize he was only in about 25 minutes of the movie overall. His character was dark and slightly psychotic in a strangely lovable way. He was a mix between the angst wrought dark hero and Murdock from the A-Team. Really. This was especially driven home in the extended version which had far more scenes of him including one where he gets attacked by a dragon and just keeps laughing.
This movie was terrible, and extremely fun at the same time.
Guilty Confession #2: This movie has spawned a rather fangirl obsession with Garrett Hudland and I can't wait to see Tron Legacy

3. Princess Diaries 2
Ok this movie is cheesy. Really cheesy. No one is denying that. I also love it. And before you say it's because of Chris Pine playing the lead, let me remind you that nobody knew who Chris Pine was when this movie came out.
I liked the first movie well enough. It was entertaining. But I love this movie. As far as sequels go, that is virtually unheard of. Why? Well...
There were a lot of goofy moments. Most every prince she danced with was a ridiculous caricature. Some of the jokes were bit humor. Those moments annoyed me at times. The plot was not the most genius. However, the actors were all amazing and they brought such heart and sincerity into the plot that it made everything work. The romance was really fun and the dialog was always pithy. The villain was over the top, but let's face it, some of the best villains are. I particularly love the moment where they have him quoting Niccolo Machiavelli. Sheer brilliance. 
My favorite moment actually was between Chris Pine's Nicholas and Hector Elizondo's Joe. It's the only moment they actually have together in the movie and it is terrific. The scene could have easily been flat and transient if Joe had just been there to confront Nicholas about his attempts at the throne, but they brought a lot more to this scene with the undertones of sympathy. Joe knows where Nicholas is coming from and sees the potential in him. Subtle, but brilliant and one of the reasons I adore this movie.
Ultimately this movie was made with love and the end result shows it.
Guilty Confession 3#: This movie actually made a Trekky out of me.

2. The Thunderbirds

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie. It absolutely showed nothing of what the movie was about. Go figure huh? When I saw it, I was the age of the target audience and never considered watching it. In fact, I forgot it even existed until my good friend Isy said I had to watch it. Her argument was literally, the movie is quite lame but once you watch it you will love it. And it's true. This movie is a strange mix of cheesy and simply epic. I watched it once and was captivated. I watched it twice and was obsessed. Now I must have seen this movie a couple dozen times. There is something suprisingly fascinating about the International Rescue and the family who runs it. You only see the brothers for a very short time but they all manage to convey these dramatically different personalities.
The movie was based off a TV show from back in the 60s made with...puppets. It's strange and yet too good to pass up. Seriously, go check it out.
There is, also, the wonderful Lady Penelope. Played by Sophia Miles, she is my absolute hero. Anyone who can look death in the face and saw, in flawless Oxford English accent no less, "that is enough losing for one day" just wins instantly in my book.
I think the best thing about this movie is the subculture. Weirdly enough. I was told as soon as I watched the movie to check out the fanfiction. I admit I was blown away. Some of the writers could be professional. There is a whole fanon of information that everyone agrees on (I'd really like to know where it all came from) and a whole world created by the heads of many aspiring writers. It's too fun too pass up!
This is a fun movie with a fun group of fans. It's a little break from reality and a great stress reliever for me on bad days.

Guilty Confession 4#: I got the Ultimate Guide to Thunderbirds for Christmas one year and plan to dress up as Lady Penelope for Halloween

And the number 1 Guilty pleasure is...
1. Fast and the Furious franchise
I may be one of 4 women who actually saw this movie but I don't really care. There is awesome cars, a fun story line and surprisingly deep characters. A lot of action movies cheap out on writing characterization, but F&F created people that felt really human. It's hard not to route for Brian (even if wanting to smack him happens sometimes), it's hard not to get invested in his romance with Mia and of course there is the epic Bromance. Or Bromances I should say. Dom and Brian, and then Brian and Rome in the second one. Fans of the bromance can wait with baited breath for number 5 when Rome and Dom will be in the same movie. Raising the important question, is there such a thing as a bromance love triangle?
In the end the Fast movies are a joyride--both literally and figuratively--and a blast to watch.
And last but certainly not least...the Charger. Ah the Charger. Have I ever loved a car more than Dom's Charger? I think not!

Guilty Confession 5#: The only time I screamed during the entire superbowl was when they commercialed fast and furious 5
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