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Ye Old Hollywood

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AH! :D Another Old Hollywood fic meme. Admittedly, the last fic meme I did wasn't supposed to be geared toward Old Hollywood, but, of course, a lot of my character/pairing picks leaned toward the classics (because, seriously, unless you have [who is hereby tagged!] on your flist, too, who else even knew who Slim and Steve were? [my icon should be a clue]). Well, now I give you The Many Characters of Old Hollywood, pt. I meme! Pick ten of your favourite characters from classic cinema, and assign them each a prompt. Then, get some of your lovely friends to write them as commentfic! Okay, okay, maybe write a few yourself, too.

Now for the list:

1. Character: Guy Holden (The Gay Divorcee)
Prompt: Obsession. He was caught, she had him without even trying. From the outside he may look like a stalker, but when the stalker gets the girl...isn't he just a romantic?

2. Character: John Robie (To Catch a Thief)
Prompt: Temptation. He may be reformed but even after a long time sober a lush still remembers the taste of fine wine.

3. Character: Lazlo (Casablanca)
Prompt: Sacrifice. All his life he had sacrificed himself for others, for his country, for his people. For all men who would be free. Now he would sacrifice Illsa to the man she loved more, anything if it meant she could get out of Casablanca alive.

4. Character: Norma Desmond (Sunset Blvd)
Prompt: Romantic. Norma was a romantic, despite the stark raving levels of insanity that was one thing she always held to.

5. Character: Wallace and Davis (White Christmas)
Prompt: Concern. It wasn't always singing and dancing on the battle field.

6. Character: "Steve" Henry Morgan (To Have and To Have Not)
Prompt: Who is she? So who was the girl that left him with such a high impression of women?

7. Character: Comander Quegg (Caine Mutiny)
Prompt: Unstable. Did he ever know what was happening to his mind?

8. Character: Eliza (My Fair Lady)
Prompt: Infuriating. It infuriated her how much she didn't hate him.

9. Character: Sam (Casablanca)
Prompt: Letting go. He didn't like the new boss, but he was glad the old boss finally got out.

10. Character: Ninotchka/Leon (Ninotchka)
Prompt: Resistence. For a well trained opperative, she sure wasn't a hard egg to crack
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