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Top 5 Shows that Lost Their Allure part 4 of 5

Almost at the end! Thanks for all the feedback. I'm thinking of continuing to do top 5 lists after this one is done. Anyone interested? Requests/suggestions would be wonderful.
Without further adu...

2. Supernatural

Before I get attacked by flames and rabid fangirls let me just clarify. I love Supernatural. I love all the actors, the writers, the directions and pretty much everyone involved. I own the DVDs, have the T-shirt and even have Dean's necklace. This girl here is true blue Supernatural fan who tips her hat to Kripke.
After that intro, I will say that it makes me cry a little inside to add this one to the list. This entry is more opinion than any of the others, but I do know I'm not alone in my disappointment. In fact, talking to another disgruntled fangirl just a couple of days ago gave me the boost I needed to post this entry.
Back when my love of brother's stories was in its fledgling stages the girls over at Psychfic introduced this young and impressionable fangirl to the world of Supernatural and I went head over heels.
The writing was fresh and exciting, the characters were instantly likable. It was exactly what I look for in a show.
It focused on the lives of the two Winchester brothers, raised to hunt the monsters most people pretend don't exist.
There was Sam, the young Stanford student trying to live a normal life. He was moody, intelligent, stubborn and a magnet for every imaginable monster to attack. For some reason every creature and their blood thirsty cousin had a thing for trying to strangle him. 
And then there's Dean. He's the cocky, street smart, skirt chasing big brother who would do anything in his power to protect his little brother (even give in to the bemoaned "Chick flick moments").

Sam and Dean reunited from their brief estrangement when their father goes missing, kicking off their adventure and one awesome show.
The only way to explain my disappointment is to show you the transition from season to season.

Season 1: Everything starts with a bang. Mystery shrouds the brother's lives, but they don't let it overtake their every action. Instead they devote themselves to helping people out along the way. Every episode brought the brothers closer. The Impala, Dean's notorious car, became a character of it's own. And the show was scary. The good kind of scary. Not grotesque and horrifying, but it got down to the real psychological level that bothered me straight to the soul and it was fun. I like all the jumps and screams along the ride.
There is no better episode to demonstrate this than one of my all time favorites, Bloody Mary. This is actually the first ever episode I saw and it had me freaked out of mirrors for months. To this day Mom and I still say "BM" instead of the full name...just in case. (Interestingly, Hillary from the aforementioned Kyle XY was one of the first people to get the bleeding eye treatment in this episode).

Season 1 also introduced us to the best villains of the series.
The beautiful and "buckets of crazy" Meg Masters, and the demon
 notoriously known only as "Yellow Eyes". They were the kind of villain that were just fun to watch. When a baddie walks on the screen and you feel a mix of dread and strange fascination than you know it's a good one.

Sam and Dean weren't alone in their fight. The brilliant Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the crew as their long lost father, and Jim Beaver as their friend Bobby Singer. Jim Beaver is a seriously impressive actor and Bobby Singer owns every scene he's in.
Season 1 was all around awesome and has major rewatchability.

After a horrifying cliffhanger that to this day makes me twitch whenever I hear "Bad Moon" playing, comes...

Season 2:   After the death of their father Dean was falling apart and Sam had to majorly swing around and be the strong one. Yet, Dean never lost his protective "I'm the big brother" attitude, which is what made the shift work. While not as scary as the first season, 2 holds its own in that department. Especially with a certain clown escapade that makes IT look like child's play.
The plot gets thicker, the baddies get closer and more people take a chance at poor Sam's neck.
I could spend forever fangirling these two seasons alone, but then it came. Suddenly, in a scene so intense I cry just thinking about it, Sam dies. Jensen (who play's Dean) pulled the most amazing performance in this scene and the ones that followed. I could feel the pain radiating off him and he was very impressive. To get Sam  back he made a deal with a demon and offered up his soul. Which brings us to...

Season 3: Here is where my feelings end up getting pretty mixed. To begin with, Dean was bizarrely whiny for my taste. It was like he suddenly started feeling very entitled, which was strange. It's not like Sam got on his knees and begged Dean to give up his soul like he wanted a bedtime story. Dean made his choice, one he presumably didn't regret, but he milked that sucker for what it was worth. Luckily this improved after a few episodes.
Sam took a bit of a backseat in this season which bugged me. There was nearly no episodes devoted to him. With one notable exception which will be mentioned in a minute. Still, the lack of development for Sammy was not my friend.
The first time I watched this season through I was not too happy, but upon revisiting it has grown in my liking considerably. The best part I think was the addition of the two girls. 
Bela was a witch (but with a b), but she was so much fun.
She was a clever and conniving match for Dean. Their back and forth repartee was always a pleasure to watch, and she made possible one of the only exceptions to the lack of Sam of the season with Bad Day at Black Rock. This was a hilarious episode where Sam gets cursed and Bela's conning begins. She was a great addition, but sadly it was not to be. Her bloody death ended the fun--for her and the watchers. 
The other addition was Ruby...more on her later.
All and all the season grew on me with further viewing. It had ups and downs and it was no where near as good as the first 2, but it was a fun watch and worth the time.

Season 4: Here is where everything got hinky. At the end of season 3 Dean dies, literally getting dragged to hell and 4 starts with him miraculously returning. However, the world is not how he left it. Sam has gone straight off the deep end during Dean's absence. The youngest Winchester has given in to his darker impulses despite Bobby's attempts to save him.
This season started out with three amazing episodes. We get a flashback to the Winchester parents, an episode of literal ghosts from the past, and a whole new mystery--why is Dean alive again? Then out of nowhere we were hit with an abnormal amount of comedy filler episodes. I took that as an ominous sign for the rest of the season and I was right.
4 went dark fast and stayed there. The episodes grew in intensity, but sadly also grew in unwatchability. For me it became depressing, twisted and frustrating. The dynamics were all screwed up, the villains were on all sides of the fence, the morals flew out the window and the fun of the show was just sucked right out. I came to the show to see the brotherly love not to watch them nearly dismember each other, literally (and the episode Sex and Violence nearly made that a reality).

Then there was Adam. He was entered in an episode actually called "Jumping the Shark". I am not sure what I was expecting from that episode but not a new Winchester. Actually a new Winchester. Apparently Papa Winchester was not all work and no play. He had a kid named Adam who got the normal life Sam and Dean never had. This episode confused me. They called in "Jumping the Shark" like a snarky indy film inside joke, but then they actually jumped the friggin shark. Still, I was willing to give it a chance. It could be cool to have another brother along right? Two brothers are great, three might be awesome! But wait...Adam was never there he's dead...
When did we enter Days of Our Lives Winchester version?
I took a lot for me to get over the hurtle of accepting that the writers went there, pulling a bad fanfiction plotline of the secret sibling, but once I finally had the writers then throw the "this isn't the real Adam, he's dead!" plot and it felt like a kick in the teeth.
I will grant, I did like that Adam entere literally wearing Sam's jacket from season 1--did John give it to him or something? It was a good reference and I will give credit where it's due.
Since I already spent a whole blog ranting about the episode Family Remains, I'll spare you this time.

The one shining part of season 4 was the angel Castiel.
For some reason he seemed to be the only angel actually on God's side. This guy was tough and gentle at once. He was aloof, but his warm side came out. He was full of love and mercy but could bring down the wrath when the need arose. He entered with a bang, literally. Castiel was amazing, sadly the other angels were not. This really got my goat. Douche bag angels? Kripke, really?
There were some great episodes, but they really were the rarity and the season was ultimately more frustrating than good.
And it all lead up to a dramatic conclusion that left me wondering if I would even come back for more.
Sadly I did...
Season 5: I can't say much about this season, I didn't really make it far. There were a few good episodes at first but it fell apart for me quickly. The brother dynamic did not get better and the hopelessness of the apocalypse plotline became overwhelming. Beloved characters died, tears were shed and eventually I had enough.
I reluctantly gave up on the show I'd loved for so long and we parted ways.
The characters were what ran the show and it didn't feel like the show was true to them. Though I loved how Dean developed into a more warm and caring person, he also lost some elements that made him who he was. Like his unabashed love and unconditional regard for his brother. Yellow Eyes suddenly lost his place as important and his replacements were hard to stomach. Sam became a fraction of himself and it was hard to watch his transition.
The most inconsistent though, was Ruby.
Katie Cassidy's blonde haired Ruby in season 3 was smart, sarcastic and somehow still likable. From calling Dean "Short bus" to titling fries "deep fried crack" she was charming in her spitefulness. Ruby was a demon, but you got the idea that if it was possible for one to be redeemed, it would be her. She had depth and sympathy. I also loved the obvious Devil in a Blue Dress reference with her name.
When they brought in Genevieve Cortese to play the new form of Ruby in season 4 I had my theory that she was an imposter. After all, this Ruby was surly like a bad teen drama. She had all the charm of a wet paper bag and half of it's depth. This is not to say I blame Geneieve, no she sounds like a great person. The writing here just got strange. Sadly my predictions about this being a false Ruby were mistaken. They just ruined the character without an explination.

I didn't make it to the end of the world, because before season 5 was out it was the end of the road for me. My dreams of Carrying On until the finale were crashed on the rocks of inconsistency.
I'm not even sure if the writers meant for the show to end up where it did but part of me really thinks they didn't. They never explained why Yellow Eyes was making a second generation of psychic kids back in season 1's "Salvation". If the end of the world was coming why do that? Were they a safety net? Or was this a serious case of retcon. I can only imagine.
From what I can gather the world didn't end. I suppose we should be glad? And apparently Adam came back, but as I didn't make it that far I'll save this rant for someone else.
In the end I loved this show so much that when it went down it disapointed me more. I expected so much more of this show than what it achieved.
Now season 6 is rolling around and Kripke has handed over the proverbial reigns to Sera Gamble. Her writing always impressed me and I am curious if this show can yet save itself from my disapointment list.

But for those out there as disapointed as I am, go check out the Brotherhood AU. This is a series of fanfiction so brilliant and so well written it could be canon, and in someways it's better than cannon. The girls over at Brotherhood worked very hard and it's worth checking out.

and the number 1 show that lost it's allure is....
tune in next time

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