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Top 5 Fictional Cities

Par suggestion from my good friend Ryan, today we are looking at the coolest cities/towns. A lot of debating went in to making this list, because lets face it there are so many great ones to choose from. So, Ryan helped me narrow it down by stipulating. It has to be the top 5 coolest fictional cities where I would like to live.
And here it is!

Honorable Mention: Sanford from the movie Hot Fuzz. Once all the murdering stopped, Sanford really is a nice place to live. The locals are friendly--at least the one's not trying to kill you--and the police station is so friendly and inviting. Stop by Aaron A. Anderson's model village, or chase geese around the castle. It's a nice relax trip.
Actually, the fact that it didn't make the list is not an insult to Sanford at all. Instead, it just shows how much awesome is about to come your way.

To the list!

5. Four Corners (TV: Magnificent Seven)
The wild west is a tremulous place, especially if you live more than a days riding distance from one of the fort outposts. But with Seven lawmen protecting it, the little town of Four Corners is safe as a bug in a rug--given, the rub may have an occasional bullet hole in it. You take what you can get. Four Corners is a great place to live and an awesome little western hamlet. They are also extremely progressive with racial acceptance surprising for the time period and a woman running the paper.
Stop by saloon and have a game with Ezra, if you don't mind losing. Hear the sage words of Josiah's philosophy. Beware of Buck though, between you and me there isn't a skirt he hasn't chased ;)

4. Highbury (Book/Movie: Emma by Jane Austen)
A little fictional village nestled in England in the early 1800s, Highbury is a place of refuge. Though the Neopolianic war is persumably going on, nothing touches anyone here.
Go to a ball or dinner party and you can be entertained by the musical genius of Jane Fairfax or the lively charm of Emma herself. It's a great place to be if you know the right people, and if you know Emma she will make sure you know the right people.
Just watch out for Mrs. Elton if you don't want to become her next "project" and believe me when I say, you don't.

3. Sanctraphrax
(Book: The Edge
Chronicles by Paul Stewart)
In the world of Edge there is a garden that grows floating rocks. These rocks have long been used to fly airships. One giant rock was harnessed and tied to the center of Undertown with a giant anchor. It was the perfect city in the clouds, and a great way to keep out undesirables. It soon became a city of proverbial ivory towers. The only citizens aloud were the few, the worthy, the higher class academics. Linus was not as happy with the status quo and made great strides to improve Sanctrahrax of its selective ways, but another problem arose. The Island-city was nearly destroyed before the series hero, Twig, a sky pirate came and saved it. All and all, Sanctraphrax is a great place to live if you can deal witrh the politics. Who wouldn't want to live in a city that floats? In fact the only reason it is not higher on the list is (other than the cultural selectivity) is that it is a great place to live, or was. Before it got distroyed.

2. Stars Hollow (TV: Gilmore Girls)
First. I'm a girl. There is nothing wrong with me loving Gilmore Girls and if anyone saw it they would have to admit it's a pretty awesome place to live. It's the penacle of small towns. The place is just beautiful, and there is always something to do. Never a dull moment, the people of Stars Hollow can make everything entertaining. From a meeting of the Edger Allen Poe Society that turned into a poet slam down to the break up of a prominant couple which leads to a "I Support Lorelei" and "I Support Luke" button war, it is a unique experience. Especially when New York boy, Jess comes to visit. Fake murder and very real mayham follow. There is choas of course, but mostly they are just having fun. Stop by Luke's if you want the best food--and the grumpiest service--or attend one of the palethera of bizzare town events. If you thought cheers was bad about knowing everyone's name, in Stars Hollow everyone knows everyone else's everything. But in a clutch they will be there for you. It's a great place to live and down right hilarious.

And now, the number 1 coolest fictional city is...

1. Atlantis! (TV: Stargate Atlantis. Movie: Atlantis the Lost Empiror)

Whether you are talking Disney or Stargate, the Lost city is the place to be. In Stargate, Atlantis is lost across the universe buried under water. In Disney's take the city is under the ocean. In either case the city is beautiful and just the place to be. Extra plus, both cities rise above water! Stargate's Atlantis is, unsurprisingly the cooler of the two. With its expansive tunnels to explore and all the technology of the ancients just waiting there to be used--if you can figure it out--Stargate's Atlantis is awesome. Not to mention it rises and sinks on command to protect from enemy attack. Now that is what I call a city.

Thanks to Ryan for the suggestion and all of you for reading! Please comment with more suggestions or just to let me know what you think. If you are feeling especially adventurous, make a list of your own and send me the link. I'd love to hear from you!
This list inspired another and next time we are going to look at the 5 coolest fictional houses!

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